Rosa virginiana - Prairie Rose


The hairy stems of this bushy shrub have scattered, stout, curved thorns, pink flowers and pinnately compound leaves.Numerous species of roses occur in a variety sites, from dry uplands to wetlands and sand dunes. Their fruit, the rose hips, is rich in vitamin C, and can be eaten, made into jams, or steeped to make rose hips tea. Another pink species, this one of wet sites, is Swamp Rose (R. palustris), which grows to 7 (2.1 m), has flowers 1 1/2-2 1/2 (3.8-6.3 cm) wide, very narrow stipules, and stout, hooked thorns. Pasture Rose (R. carolina) is a shorter shrub, not more than 3 (90 cm) tall, with pink flowers, dull green leaves, very narrow stipules, and straight thorns. It is found in dry pastures and open woods throughout most of eastern North America.