Prunus maritima - Beach Plum


Beach plum is a great native coastal tolerant plant found across long island.  The species boasts fruit that have been used to make jams and jellies.   Check out the recipes here:

Our 2 gallon plants are 2-3 ft. tall!

Beach plum is a rounded, dense, suckering shrub growing 6 ft. tall or more. White, single or double flowers occur in small clusters before the dark-green, glossy leaves. Fruits are dull purple to crimson, ripening from Aug. to Oct.The Beach Plum is a member of the rose family (family Rosaceae) which includes about 2000 species of trees, shrubs, and herbs worldwide; approximately 77 native and 9 naturalized tree species and many species of shrubs and herbs in North America; including service-berries (Amelanchier), hawthorns (Crataegus), apples (Malus), plums and cherries (Prunus), and mountain-ashes (Sorbus).