• Pinus strobus - Eastern White Pine


    2018 Fall Trees are about 3 ft. tall and bushy!  On Sale!

    Eastern white pine is a stately canopy tree, 75-100 ft. tall at maturity; sometimes much taller. Gracefully plume-like in outline, white pine is very distinctive when compared to other conifers. Its branches are horizontal and tiered. Tufts of light- to bluish-green needles are borne in feathery clusters of five only toward the ends of the twigs. Cones are 6-8 in. long. 

    Trees are shade tolerant, deer resistant and evergreen.   A native tree to Long Island and greater NY area.

    The largest northeastern conifer, a magnificent evergreen tree with straight trunk and crown of horizontal branches, 1 row added a year, becoming broad and irregular. The largest conifer and formerly the most valuable tree of the Northeast, Eastern White Pine is used for construction, millwork, trim, and pulpwood.