Early Bloomers Red and White Trillium Holiday Bundle Single Pack (6) Plants & Fertilizer

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Exclusive Offer!  Early Spring Trillium Holiday Bundle

Looking to start a colorful garden in the early spring?  Trillium plants are beautiful spring bloomers to kick off your woodland garden!

The single pack contains three (3) of each of the below plants, (6) plants total.


(3) Red Trillium (Trillium sulcatum)

(3) White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum)

These plants will be sent out in March 2020 in 4" x 4" containers while still dormant with a healthy and robust root system ready to be transplanted into your garden.   These early bloomers will awaken once temperatures start to rise in early spring and provide early color in the landscape.   Plants will go dormant in Summer but will be back to bloom year after year for your or a friend to enjoy for annual displays.   This makes a great gift, good for all ages!   Disconnect from electronics and get your hands dirty this spring!

Bonus:  Includes (1 ) 8 oz packet of Die Hard Fertilizer and FREE SHIPPING! 

*Trilliums native to Appalachian Mountain Range