Deschampsia flexuosa - Crinkled Hair Grass


Deschampsia flexuosa, commonly called wavy or crinkled hair grass, is clump-forming, cool season grass which may be grown as an ornamental. It is native to dry open woods, slopes, fields, grasslands and open areas in North America, Europe and Asia. It typically forms a low, dense tussock (to 16” tall) of very thin, arching, flat to inrolled, wiry, dark green grass blades (to 2’ long). Numerous flower stems rise in summer from the foliage mound to a height of 3’ bearing wide, airy panicles of tiny, purple to bronze flowers which form a cloud over the foliage that is attractive when backlit. Flower panicles turn gold after bloom as the seed ripens, and may remain attractive through much of the winter.