Carex comosa - Long Hair Sedge


This native perennial sedge forms a large tuft of leaves and flowering culms about 2–3½' tall. The erect to ascending culms are light green, sharply 3-angled, and glabrous. Alternate leaves occur along the entire length of the culm to the inflorescence. The widely spreading to ascending leaf blades are about 8-18" long and 6-17 mm. across; they are light to medium green and glabrous. The center of each blade is usually furrowed along its length. The sheaths are a little loose to firm; the outer 2 sides of each sheath are light green, veined, and glabrous, while the inner side is membranous. The ligules are longer than they are across; each short-membranous ligule has an upside-down V-shape.