Baccharis halimifolia - Groundsel Tree


Groundseltree or sea myrtle’s numerous branches from short trunks are covered densely with branchlets. The 6-12 ft. , deciduous shrub bears gray-green, somewhat lobed, oval leaves which are semi-persistent in the North. White to green flowers occur in small, dense, terminal clusters. Probably the most significant landscape feature is the silvery, plume-like achenes which appear in the fall on female plants resembling silvery paintbrushes.Apparently extending its natural range inland from the coastal plain, Florida Groundsel Bush is the only native eastern species of the aster family reaching tree size. Baccharis is the ancient Greek name (derived from the god Bacchus) of a plant with fragrant roots. The Latin species name means with the leaves of Halimus, an old name for Saltbush, an unrelated shrub. Tolerant of saltwater spray, this handsome ornamental is one of the few eastern shrubs suitable for planting near the ocean.