• Acer rubrum - Red Maple


    Red Maple grows moderately fast in a multitude of soil types and can tolerate wet soils with ease.   It is one of the widest ranging deciduous tree species along the entire east coast.   The species sports a three lobed green leaf throughout the year but has wonderful fall color ranging in colors of orange and red.   You will also notice small red clusters of flowers on the species in early spring before leaves emerge.   Seedling grown trees are not as consistently branched nor colors as consistent amongst the population.   Genetic diversity is more ecologically beneficial from seedling grown trees, but if planting a series of trees in a manner more typically found in horticulture you may wish to explore cultivars of Acer rubrum.  Some of the more widely available cultivars are October Glory and Red Sunset.   We strongly recommend Acer rubrum seedling grown for habitat restoration.