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As one of the most comprehensive native plant producers in New York, Long Island Natives is dedicated to growing a wide variety of native species representing the local flora of the Northeastern U.S.

Long Island Natives specializes in growing container trees for use in conservation efforts for parks departments, municipalities, and native gardeners.  Many of our plants are ideal for local habitat restoration and re-vegetation projects.  Our nursery uses local seed sources whenever possible to produce plants that are genetically adapted to our local climate.  

Long Island Natives is a division of Country Gardens Nursery, a wholesale nursery operation established in 1947, located on the southeastern shore of Long Island, NY.

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Long Island Natives was proud to grow over 6,000 native grasses and shrubs as well as aid in the design process for one of the world's top production companies during September's Fashion Week in NYC.
Working together with John Beitel Landscape Design & Stefan Beckman Productions, LI Natives was contacted to aid in the creation of  a "fall meadow" overlooking NYC's High Line.   Long Island Natives was asked to supply native grasses such as switch grass, broomsedge, little bluestem, big bluestem, and other meadow mix perennials and shrubs to create an indoor grassland. 

In order to display the appropriate fall look, we were asked to closely monitor the watering of the grasses over a 5 week period to "force" them to stress and color up for the fall display.   It was a great challenge and we were very proud to be part of the process.

Watch the video below from COACH to see how the set turned out!